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Positivity Breeds Success

Positivity Breeds Success

A year a go I was as low as a snake belly, I felt my dream of becoming a professional footballer slipping away.

I had failed to get my pro contract renewed with Portsmouth & was struggling to get trials with other pro clubs. I was forced to sign for a semi pro club and continue my pursuit of a career in professional football through a part time club, the pay wasn’t great and meant I needed to find another job to keep my funds up. I had no idea what to do, my whole life all I’d know is football and now I had to interview for retail jobs and call centre. I found my mindset at this stage was negative and I wasn’t acting myself.

I ended up playing part-time for Lewes FC whilst working in a retail jewellery shop, which I won’t lie, hated every minute of.

I would come home from work after working a 9-5 shift feeling negative & despondent, I took this out on those closest to me my friends & family.. After a month or so, I began to realise the only person who could change my situation was me, I had to change my mentality, I had to wake up each morning and tell myself today I will make sure I’m one step closer to getting out of this situation, today I will do something that helps me progress. I wasn’t going to accept where I was. I felt myself change and every morning I would sit in a Reigate Costa before I started my jewellers shift and think positively about what I can do to get out.

Every chance I got I was searching for job opportunities in the health and fitness industry as I’d qualified as a personal trainer through my football scholarship at the age of 16. I would get myself to the gym and work on my own fitness goals then go home and talk through the ideas I had that day with my family to gain some valuable feedback. I was set that working in a fitness environment was what I wanted it also gave me an opportunity to work on my own fitness goals and continue to play football part time.

Making a change

With this decided every day off or early finish I had I was going into my local David Lloyd and Virgin Active gyms handing in my CV and talking positively to their staff asking for a chance. Eventually David Lloyd gave me one, I must of handed my CV in to them around 6 times personally.  I erased all negative thoughts from my mind, I knew that the stage I was in was only temporary and I had an opportunity to follow a passion of mine and I have not looked back since.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, from my experience you’ll get success through being positive. Erasing the negative things from your life, whether that be people, thoughts, or even silly things like music/ food / TV. Surround yourself with positive motivated people that want to be better.

Wake up and give yourself time to think positively about the day ahead. When faced with a challenging situations focus on the positives. Make your daily routine a positive one, workout, drink plenty of water, eat well and nutritionally,  communicate with people, ask questions,  read books, listen to music that makes you feel good, remind yourself how far you’ve come, be grateful for where you are in life and everything you have. Remember there are people in a much worse situation that would love to be in your position.. And when you put your head to your pillow at night feel satisfied that you have done everything you can in the day to make it a positive one! The only person that can create change you is you!

I hope by reading this you feel some sort of positive motivation and that even if today you think positively about your goals and dreams that’s something! I’m lucky to of found my passion which I know for many is a real struggle and I will definitely not be taking it for granted, follow my Instagram and blog to see how I’m developing and what I’m doing!