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Finding a Balance

Finding a Balance

So yes, health and fitness has become huge and everyone is jumping on the wagon.

It’s great and my advice to anyone starting their journey to change their lifestyle and the reason why I personally have managed to stay lean and healthy for so many years is ‘find a balance”.

What do I mean by this finding a balance?

So the questions i get asked most are:

  1. Do you ever just eat a load of shit like burgers, chocolate, cake and so on?
  2. Do you ever just want to get Drunk?
  3. Do you ever have a day off Working out?

The answer to all these questions is yes, of course I do. I’m human and i enjoy doing these things, any fitness expert that says they don’t is telling lies or they just live a miserable life. I just do it in moderation, meaning 80% of the time I’m eating clean from my food plan and training hard, getting plenty of sleep, drinking lots of water and feeling stronger, healthier and fitter for it. The other 20% I do whatever; big cheat meals, boozy nights out that end in a takeaway pizza, have late nights, miss workouts and forget to prep any food and so on.



I train hard 4-5 times a week. My workouts generally consists of 40 minutes of superset/tri-sets on resistance exercises, followed by 20 minutes of HIIT training on the WattBike or treadmill to finish. I have workout/training plans available to purchase alongside my food plan, check them out.

  1. I have two rest days a week to allow my body to recover, stay fresh and injury free.
  2. I drink at least 3-4 litres of water a day
  3. I use my food plan to plan and prep my meals 5 days a week
  4. I eat whatever I fancy once a week, this could be anything but my favourite is usually a good burger and chips, followed by a cheesecake or chocolate melt.
  5. I drink alcohol once or twice a month, this ranges from a couple glasses of wine with dinner to a double vodka, lime and soda x 10.
  6. I get 6-8 hours sleep every night.

My Secret


So this is my secret to becoming and staying lean, healthy and fit, BALANCE! You are much more likely to stick to your goals if you are realistic in your approach. It’s a all about lifestyle change, not fad diets and quick fixes. Changes wont happen over night but if you are persistent and consistent you’ll reach your goals before you know it.

If you have any questions about my lifestyle choices and want to ask me certain things just contact me and I’ll do my best to help you.