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5 tips to staying motivated and focused

5 tips to staying motivated and focused

“Maybe it’s time to spend a little less time with them and distance yourself as life is short and you have to be selfish about your own personal life and goals”

1 – Morning routine

For me routine is really important to staying consistent and staying motivated, if you start your day in the right way that will bode well for the remainder of the day, every morning I wake up at 5:30am, I try my very hardest to never hit snooze as I find this leads to a sluggish start to the day if I’m snoozing my alarm. I then drink at least 500ml of water before doing anything else to rehydrate my body this kickstarts my metabolism and engages my brain. I will then tuck into my overnight oats which I have prepared the night before.

I normally start my first client at around 6:30am so whilst I’m on my way to my client I will drink my morning Coffee whilst listening to a podcast. Listening to podcasts is something I’ve started recently but I’ve found it really focuses me and motivates me to get the most out of my day. I’m most productive in the mornings and I digest what I’m listening to best at this time of day whether it be, a podcast to do with mindset, fitness, or a general business podcast I highly recommend them drop me a message if you’d like to know what I listen!

2 – Have a plan of action

Most people that are reading this are looking for ways to stay motivated and consistent on their health & finess goals, firstly you need to set yourself a goal, then you need a plan of action to achieve this goal, for example you may want to start using your local gym 3 times a week and be able to fit in a size 10 pair of trousers, great you have your goal you now need to know what you need to do to achieve this.
I would suggest getting in touch with a Personal trainer or fitness instructor either in your gym or possibly online if you have followed a specific trainer for a period of time and like their ethos and results they have been getting others go for them. The trainer will be able to provide you with a training regime and nutrition plan that you can stick to for a certain period of time. Further to this you may look into having some PT sessions, yes this comes at a cost but it’s all about making sacrifices for what you want most in life.

3 – Surround yourself with friends & people that inspire you

Take a look at people you are surrounded by, friends, work colleges, family members how do these people make you feel about your goals & targets?

This is something I believe in most, if you surround yourself with people that have a positive and passionate mindset, that are on the same wave length as you, working towards similar goals as you, share the same passions as you, will have a good laugh with you, encourage & support you, want the best for you, it will 100% benefit you having them in your life! But if you think about the people you spend most of your time with and they aren’t ticking those boxes maybe it’s time to spend a little less time with them and distance yourself as life is short and you have to be selfish about your own personal life and goals.

4 – Drink coffee

This might sound ridiculous, coffee is a drug and the one and only drug I would ever recommend!! In terms of fitness I don’t use any pre workout supplements I typically just have a coffee.. I’m not saying you should rely on coffee but I do believe it has great benefits, making you feel more alert, making you feel more focused and motivated about what you are doing, also helping you burn fat & have great workouts!! There’s a reason you see so many coffee shops popping up everywhere people love it!



5 – Feel good in yourself

Buy yourself new gym wear or clothes in general, that feeling of putting on new clothes that make you feel good does wonders for your confidence and I can guarantee your more likely to go to the gym if you have a fresh pair of leggings, trainers & top that you feel amazing in!

Also look after yourself it sounds simple but it’s effective when your looking to feel good in yourself and stay motivated and focused, regular haircuts, nice aftershaves, clean clothes, keeping your house, room and car clean, being organised, I’m telling you now if you feel good about yourself you are more likely to be motivated to achieve more from life and better yourself further!!

The 5 points I’ve made are all things I believe in greatly and if you are not putting some of these into practise and find yourself lacking motivation in your fitness goals or life in general, give some of them a go and let me know if they help you!

Thanks for reading,