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3 Reasons you need to start attending a Bootcamp or Fitness Class!

3 Reasons you need to start attending a Bootcamp or Fitness Class!

So after running my own Bootcamp for 18 months I have now seen at first hand what a difference it can make to somebody’s feelings towards health and fitness, furthermore their results, and not just physically, how much better you feel about yourself.

Staying Motivated In a class or Bootcamp is easy, you are surrounded by Like minded people who share similar goals to you

Check out below my reasons why attending a Fitness Class or Bootcamp could get you on the path to your health and fitness aspirations.

Stay Motivated

One of the hardest parts of staying on the right path in terms of Health & Fitness Goals is staying motivated! Dragging yourself to the gym or out for a run, planning and preparing your own workouts, pushing yourself through when the going gets tough, not to mention spending the majority of workouts alone with no support or encouragement. All of the above would drive anyone to just “sack it” in. Staying motivated in a class or Bootcamp is easy, you are surrounded by like minded people who share similar goals to you, the classes are planned and prepared for you, you are pushed and encouraged by other members and of course instructors. Each class, you feel stronger and fitter meaning you leave every session with a sense of achievement.  Sounds perfect right? Now all You have to do is show up!!

Keeps Workout Fun

Do you feel like you’re just repeating the same workout routine week in week out? so many find themselves sticking to what they know when it comes to training, this get monotomous and prevents you from being consistent with it in the long term. This is generally the reason people go through waves of being active and non active. Bootcamps and classes are fun, energetic and always different, meaning your workouts always stay interesting, challenging and fun, this makes it easy for you to workout consistently purely because you’re enjoying it. We all like to do things we enjoy, if you want workouts to stop feeling like a chore find a class near you today. Start making training a big part of your lifestyle and watch your quality of life improve in every aspect.

Get Real Results.

Do you have a fitness goal.. weight loss? A bikini body this summer? A six pack you’ve never had? Or is your main goal right now to become a better YOU, be healthier, feel fitter and a get stronger. Stop struggling all by yourself , you don’t need to be fighting it alone. Classes and Bootcamps are attended by people with exactly the same visions & goals as you, they are run by professional fitness experts with the knowledge and tools to help you reach your goals so start making the most of them! I promise you’ll be amazed at the difference increasing the intensity of your workouts will do for your results!

Now You Need to find a class!

Fitness classes and Bootcamps are popping up everywhere right now, so when looking for a class near you, do your research, attend a class that can show you evidence they have helped people achieve great results.

A class that your friend attends and has given good reviews,  Attend classes that are run by a inspiring, motivating and professional individuals.  Yes, fitness classes and bootcamps might cost you slightly more than your monthly gym membership but the benefits are much greater and so worth it when trying to achieve your goal is important to you.

If you are located in the West Sussex, and the Sussex Area and feel a bootcamp  is for you then check out ‘branfsbootcamp’ now on Instagram and Facebook.

We run a pay as you go or monthly membership system, with classes currently in Ashington and Worthing with new ones coming to Hove and many more locations very soon. We run a total of 16 classes a month thats 4 classes a week available to you. The classes run in a circuit format, incorporating resistance and bodyweight training in a HIIT workout style. You’re guaranteed to create a huge calorie expenditure, burn fat and start building lean muscle!

Start your journey, visit the Branfsbootcamp page and sign up!