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Branfsbootcamp Transition

Branfsbootcamp Transition

With the release of the new Branfsbootcamp Membership, I wanted to provide an update to hopefully give an insight into why I created it and the reasons behind it.

I feel that when people see my passion thats fuelling it and how much I believe in it, they will be able to understand the slight change in direction and also, consider if it’s something that could benefit their current lifestyle.

Firstly, the Branfsbootcamp classes are something I have been running for two years now. In that time both my coaching and business knowledge has grown considerably, along with my hunger to be the very best I can be in the industry. My main drive remains to help as many people realise their full potential as possible, while always looking to progress, gain experience and better myself as a coach.

Over the last six months I’ve been lucky enough to have access to Sussex Performance Centre (SPC), a training facility in Worthing. We’ve been running additional classes and during this time I’ve gained clear vision as to the direction I’d like to take Branfsbootcamp in moving forward.

Being able to host classes in this new environment has drastically changed their intensity and quality, whilst enabling Emily and I to express ourselves as coaches. We’ve noticed that members attending these classes were benefiting massively, not only in their physical appearance and fitness levels but their attitude towards training and nutrition has transformed for the better – they absolutely love the classes.

We were also able to educate them further in terms of both technique and training knowledge with access to the equipment at SPC, allowing us to create new, fun and challenging workouts.

In January we trialled the new Transformation Membership and I couldn’t believe the response we had to this. The spaces sold out in the first week of release and the entire set up ran better than we could’ve hoped for.

We created a team environment and kept it exclusive, making it more personable with only 25 members. Alongside this we ran a private WhatsApp group to inspire and motivate every single member and gave copies of The George Branford Method to help them adapt their eating habits and transform their lifestyles away from the classes. Finally, we tracked everyone’s progress with in house photos and measurements. The transformations speak for themselves and it was a real success!

I knew straight away in my head that I wanted to run a program like this

I knew straight away in my head that I wanted to run a program like this on a more regular basis as I saw how much value it could add to peoples lives. This is when I decided to create the Transformation Membership, a program that allows someone to transform their entire lifestyle, realise what positive effect training has not only on the body but also on the mind, and adapt their eating habits to dramatically improve their quality of life.

The details of the membership are as follows:

£99.99 per month (3 month minimum contract)

Transform your entire lifestyle and become the best version of you with our Bransformation membership, Whats included?

Having run an early-bird offer for current Branfsbootcamp members over the weekend 20% of spaces have already gone so act quick if you don’t want to miss out.

Once all 25 spaces are gone you can still register your interest and join the waiting list by emailing