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Starting at the emerging Chelsea Football Club academy before moving to Portsmouth Football club at the age of 15, I grew up in a professional sporting environment driven by my dream of becoming a professional footballer. I understood that discipline, determination and dedication to my goal was the only way I was going to achieve success. That paid off for a short period when I signed a professional contract with Portsmouth FC in 2013.

After leaving professional sport it only felt right that I used the knowledge I’d built up from spending so much of my time in the gym, plus the vast amount of nutritional information I’d be provided by experts at professional football clubs to make a difference to other peoples lives by pursuing a career in health and fitness where I apply the same values used to achieve my goals to ensure my clients achieve theirs.

G e o r g e

I am strong believer that if you are passionate enough about something, you will succeed. During the past four years I have been fortunate to meet and inspire many people to achieve their own personal goals where it be body transformations or generally living a healthy more active lifestyle.

It’s the passion for my job and commitment to my clients success that drives me to constantly introduce new training methods to keep workouts fresh but simple.

To start your journey to achieving your health and fitness goals get in touch for personal training sessions, whether that’s 1-2-1 or semi-private, or sign up to become an online client.

B r a n f o r d

I can’t speak highly enough of George’s work ethic and attitude to become better at what he does every day

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